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A.M. Leonard Poly Wheelbarrow

  • 19499

New and improved tubular brace design for added strength!

Lifetime warranty. This exceptionally sturdy Leonard wheelbarrow is easy to maneuver with its extra wide 5.5-inch 4-ply tire. Its low profile design provides greater stability with heavy loads even on rutted surfaces. Tough 6 cubic foot capacity poly tub will provide many years of reliable service. Powder coated heavy gauge tubular steel brace construction. Improved front tray brace design allows better tray support of heavy loads. Wide carriage bolt heads and heavy-duty undercarriage offer enough support to handle up to 500 lb loads. Handles provide added leverage and strength with extra long 5 feet length and extra thick 1.625-inch x 2-inch construction. Choose pneumatic tires below, or go flat-free and get the peace of mind of never worrying about tires ever going flat! Upgraded precision sealed ball bearings for longer wear life.

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